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Meet RediUV

Your solution to promote, incentivize, and sanitize reusable cups.
RediUV is here to reduce the 50 billion disposable coffee cups thrown away each year. The battery-operated UVC chamber seamlessly integrates into your coffeehouse workflow, promoting reusable cups while ensuring safe and effective sanitization.


Show your commitment to reusable cups with RediUV on the counter at your coffeehouse.


Delight customers with extra rewards and a chance to win free drinks for bringing their own reusable cup.


RediUV uses UVC LEDs to create a germ barrier between customers and employees, killing over 99% of common pathogens.

Are you Redi
to make a change?

We are excited to be expanding our trial locations. Contact us if you're interested in having RediUV at your coffeehouse.
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