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  • Are reusable cups actually a more sustainable solution than single-use cups?
    Yes! Although the answer is a bit more complex than that. Since more resources are required to make that reusable cup, it needs to be used many times in place of a single-use cup to be the better solution. Good reusable cups are designed to last hundreds or thousands of uses, and the more it is used, the better it compares to a single-use cup. The process used to clean and sanitize reusable cups also factors into the comparison between reusable and single-use cups. This is an area we are focused on developing new technology and solutions to ensure reusable cups can be cleaned and sanitized in the most efficient ways possible. Check out this article for a quick breakdown of single-use vs. reusable cups, or this great detailed study if you really want to dive deep into the issue.
  • What maintenance does RediUV require?
    RediUV is battery-powered, so the battery should be changed daily. An extra battery and charger are included to ensure the system is always ready to go. Besides that, there is no maintenance or consumables required.
  • How do I use RediUV?
    Using RediUV is simple! Bring your own rinsed reusable cup to your favorite coffeehouse with a RediUV system When you place your order, put your reusable cup (with the lid removed) into the RediUV system That’s all that you need to do, but if you're curious about what happens next, keep reading… The system will detect the presence of your cup, then close the doors, run the sanitization cycle, and open the doors facing toward the barista side of the counter. Once the barista removes your sanitized cup, the doors will rotate back around so the system is ready for the next customer.
  • So there are incentives for me to bring my own cup to use in RediUV?
    The best incentive is that you’re doing your part to help reduce the massive impact that single-use cups have on the planet. But if you want more incentives than that, you’ve come to the right place! We recognize that bringing your own cup is not currently a habit for most people, but we also know it can quickly become a habit with the right motivation and incentives. RediUV gamifies incentives to make using the system fun and rewarding. Rewards vary from coffeehouse to coffeehouse, but can include: Discounts Increased Loyalty Rewards Priority Service A chance to win free drinks Visit your local coffeehouse with a RediUV system to find out which particular rewards they are offering.
  • Does RediUV wash my cup?
    No, RediUV uses UVC light to sanitize the outer surfaces of the cup to prevent the spread of germs. We recommend rinsing or washing your cup prior to bringing it to your favorite coffeehouse to ensure a great tasting beverage.
  • What is RediUV?
    RediUV is a UVC sanitizing chamber for reusable cups. The wireless, battery-powered, compact design (8" diameter and 12" tall) fits seamlessly on the counter at a coffeehouse to serve three primary purposes: The presence of the RediUV system sitting proudly on the counter at the point of sale serves as a reminder of the coffeehouse’s commitment to sustainability and encourages customers to join the mission by bringing their own reusable cup. The system quickly sanitizes the outer surfaces of the reusable cups, which are the surfaces that are touched, to prevent the transfer of germs from customers to employees, and then other customers. The use of the system provides additional incentives to reward customers for bringing their own reusable cup.
  • How does RediUV sanitize reusable cups?
    RediUV uses an array of powerful UVC LEDs to sanitize the outer surfaces of reusable cups to prevent the transfer of germs from customers to behind the counter at coffeehouses. During the sanitization process, the cup is rotated to ensure an even distribution of the effective dose of UVC required to eliminate over 99% of the most common germs, including SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19), influenza, E. Coli, and bacteria. UVC has been a known and effective method of sanitizing for more than a century. Today UVC is commonly used to sanitize air, water, and surfaces. Check out this article for a more information about the science of UVC disinfection.
  • Can I use my own reusable cup with the RediUV system?
    Yes! That’s exactly the goal of the RediUV system. Most people already have reusable cups, and those existing cups should get used as much as possible. So bring that reusable cup the next time you visit your favorite coffeehouse with a RediUV system.
  • What happens if I don’t get my hand out of there before the doors close?
    Ouch! Just kidding, it doesn't hurt at all. Although the doors move pretty fast, they have very little power and will easily get stopped by any obstruction, such as your hand. Once that obstruction is detected, the doors open back up.
  • So I can use any reusable cup?
    Not quite. The cup has to fit into the system, which will basically accept any cup that also fits into your car’s cup holder. Also, the cup can’t have a handle since the cup rotates inside the system during the sanitization process. Besides that, the system works with a wide range of cup sizes and materials.
  • Where can I find a coffeehouse that has a RediUV system?
    RediUV is in field trials at these locations, and the list keeps growing! Contact us if you own/manage a café and would like a RediUV system to help achieved your sustainability goals.

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