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Coffeehouse Support Information

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Help reduce waste

Our coffeehouse is committed to reducing waste. The RediUV system encourages the use of reusable cups while preventing the spread of germs. Please help us promote, incentivize, and sanitize reusable cups. Thanks!

How to use RediUV

Have the customer place a reusable cup, without the lid, into the RediUV system. That’s it, the system does the rest. Doors close automatically, purple spinning LED shows germ killing cycle, then the doors open on your side, germ-free and ready to use. Can the doors hurt you? Of course not. The doors detect obstructions and will automatically open back up.

*Please do not accept customer cups that are dirty on the inside as this system only kills germs on the outside of the cup and we want to make sure the drink they get tastes great.

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What does RediUV do

RediUV kills germs on the outside of the cup using UVC light technology. This process prevents germ transfer between customers and staff. For more scientific information, direct customers to the QR code on the sides of RediUV.

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Customer Incentives

We want to encourage customers to use reusable cups by offering incentives, such as:

  • A chance to win a free drink (or bakery item)

  • Priority Service

  • Discounts for bringing a reusable cup

  • Fee for using single-use cup

  • Upsize beverage order for free

Sustainable Design

The field trial systems are manufactured using sustainable methods that also allow us to efficiently enhance the design. The plastic components are 3D printed using compostable PLA and are left unpainted to minimize waste. When the trial systems reach end-of-life, they will be disassembled and components will be reused, recycled or composted.

System Information

System Placement

  • Locate the system on the counter near the Point of Sale
  • Ensure system is oriented correctly

    • Redi logo faces customer side

    • Power switch faces employee side

The Halo

Pulsing: waiting for a cup

Pulsing: waiting for cup to be removed

Spinning: running sanitize cycle

“Sparkle”: we’ve got a winner!!

Self-recovering fault: system will clear fault when ready

Change battery: battery too low to operate system

System Fault: try to fix it

  • cycle power

  • call for support

Ring - Front Green Pulse
Ring - Purple Spin
Ring - Full pulse
Ring - Full Yellow
Ring - System Fault
Ring - sparkle
Ring - Battery Too Low

The Battery

Start each day with a charged battery

To remove battery:

  • Turn system off

  • Use one finger to grasp the battery from under the system and, while pressing in on battery release button with your thumb, pull battery out​

To install battery:

  • Slide in until it “clicks” in place​​​

Battery Indicator Light:

Battery Indicator Light is only displayed when system is waiting for a cup (green pulse on front of halo)

  • Green: Good battery

  • Yellow: Getting a bit low

  • Red: Getting very low​


System is connected to Wi-Fi for remote diagnostics and support

Wi-Fi Status Light:

Wi-Fi Status Light is only displayed when system is waiting for a cup (green pulse on front of halo)

  • Green: Wi-Fi connected

  • Yellow: W-Fi not connected

    • System will attempt to reconnect to Wi-Fi automatically​

Wi Fi Label
Battery Icon

For additional support:


Text: 781-910-4020

Call: 781-257-0873

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